What’s the deal with the Radio Station?

By Crystal Rand

Many students within the WHCS Radio station used the station as a stepping stone to their next destination in media production. “I have been part of radio for 4 years and I’ve learned so much, from leadership to managing my time and people. Learned a lot of technical skills that I’m sure I will use in the future when I graduate,” said the president of WHCS Radio station, Ulrich Kogda, a 23-year-old and from Brooklyn.

 “I get to go to a lot of shows, or at least have the opportunity to go to them, and meet a lot of artists and musicians. We also work with people in the music industry, as well as other clubs. It’s really great for branching out and networking,” said the secretary and executive producer of podcasts of WHCS, Asia Elena McGrath, who is a 21-year-old from Brooklyn. Much of the staff within WHCS realized how being in the radio station prepared them for careers in media as many of the staff recognized their own talents. “[WHCS Radio] helped me experience myself as a true showman. I’ve always been told that I was a natural showman and entertainer,” said Aqib Talukder, otherwise known as Jake Tonitrus, who is a 22-year-old from Queens and is an on-air show host in the WHCS Radio station. 

Yet, many Hunter students have never heard of the WHCS Radio station before. “There are certain shows that stand out and that people listen to weekly. It hasn’t made a real change because people at Hunter don’t really get involved in anything. They’re more focused on just going to their classes and then heading home,” said McGrath.  “I don’t think a lot of people really know or listen to the [WHCS Radio station] as much so I think they need to hold more events… so more people know about them,” said 19-year-old Bianca Valenti. “I only listened to them once though. Before that, I never really listened to them.” Other students like Kayleen Aquino, who is a 19-year-old from the Bronx, agrees with Valenti’s stance. “I have heard of the radio station. However, I am not fully informed on it. I believe the radio station can promote themselves on social media to become known by other Hunter students,” said Aquino in a Facebook message.  

However, the WHCS Radio station has been making efforts to get their station known to the students at Hunter. “We’ve had events like the DJ Spinoff that attracted lots and went really well. We also have concerts that feature local bands and I feel like with events like those, [the WHCS Radio station] does more with events than just free food and karaoke,” said Tonitrus. 
Since WHCS Radio station is a station started up by the students interested in media productions at Hunter College, their radio shows cover a vast range of topics from video games to campus politics. Tonitrus hosts the radio show called “The Three Count” which is a show on professional wrestling for those interested in World Wrestling Entertainment and companies around it. Other students have used the station to express their opinions on campus politics such as the referendum that was recently passed by the Undergraduate Student Government that lowered budgets for media board clubs. Students at any time can listen in to the radio station at WHCS.org.


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